With an administrative background, Nat graduated in Business Administration, Marketing Management. She is also a certified Digital Marketing Professional by Digital Marketing Institute Ireland and certified Digital Marketing by Google Garage.

She is versed in virtual assistance work, Microsoft Office, SaaS, integrated systems, and enjoys working on design projects through Canva and Photo Editor.

As a very hard worker, she always seeks out new ways of getting tasks completed to assist your business to operate more efficiently with services of high quality.

Besides that, she is a very caring, and thoughtful person who feels deeply for people having a great desire to help your business grow.

Nat's ability to think outside the box along with her analytical skills allow her to plan the best course of action to grow your online presence, always focusing on customer satisfaction. She believes that customers are the most important part of the business to thrive and therefore, deserves the utmost care.

As a natural born "helper", she is always looking for ways to help those who need it, to provide practical assistance and positive reinforcement to somehow make their days much easier. She thrives in an organised environment, loves checklists and processes and truly believes that a highly skilled administrator can make the world of difference in any business, particularly on Instagram, which is the social media that people go to get reviews, instant messages and engage with the business.